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House Democrats Override SB26X, Governor Stitt’s Veto of Tribal Compacts

House Democrats Override SB26X,  Governor Stitt’s Veto of Tribal Compacts

OKLAHOMA CITY – This week, House Democrats voted to extend current compacts with Oklahoma tribes by voting to override Governor Kevin Stitt’s veto of SB26X, which allows for the extension of Tribal Compacts Tobacco Product Sales Tax until December 31, 2024.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives voted 72-16 to override the veto.

The Senate voted 34-7 on July 24 to override Gov. Stitt’s vetoes against the renewal of tobacco and vehicle ‎registration compacts with tribal governments.‎

“The 38 federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma are sovereign nations and are important partners in developing and growing our state’s economy. The tribes send millions of dollars of revenue to the state and the compacts have worked very well over the years. Simply put, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, especially if it will involve long, expensive legal battles in court that may result in less revenue for the state of Oklahoma,” House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson said.

 Leader Munson said extending the compact sharing sales tax on tobacco products allows the state to continue receiving revenues it relies on for the state budget.

“Continuing these compacts allows for continued revenue sources for the state to help address and maintain roads, bridges, schools, and other infrastructure,” Leader Munson said. “Without the continuation of such compacts, there would be a negative effect on the state budget due to loss of revenue.”

SB26X was filed in the First Special Session of the 59th Legislature, making it eligible to be considered for a veto override after the May 26 sine die of the regular session.

Veto overrides require a two-thirds approval from each chamber and must begin in the bill's chamber of origin.


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